Caitlin Fiordirosa

Not Dead, Can’t Quit.

I vividly remember seeing this mantra on a Naval Academy poster as a kid. The message hit my solar plexus and took root. I would scrawl that phrase on notebooks for years to come. I would even keep it on an index card in my wallet to lean on when times were tough. It was a source of strength and resilience through personal trials, school exams, work challenges, and doctor visits for my type 1 diabetes.

Life had dealt that “type 1 diabetes” card to me when I was 10 years old. The fact that my life has been as manageable as it is today is something for which I am incredibly grateful.

The immense progress we’ve made in diabetes care is a testament to the hustle and ingenuity of American innovators. Their breakthroughs have lengthened and strengthened my life, and I strive to merit that additional quality time I’ve been given.

That motivation may be why challenges have always pulled at my curiosity. From investment banking to private equity investing to building out a new credit investing platform, I have always been drawn to work that challenges me. I leaned on that “Not Dead Can’t Quit” mantra during the all-nighters that came with each of those adventures. However, the challenges were what made each of those opportunities rewarding and exciting, and they gave me the opportunity to work with truly world-class management teams.

Working on great teams has shown me the impact that can be made by passionate, dedicated leaders who are laser-focused on a mission. Drive Capital is all about empowering those leaders.

The Drive thesis -- that entrepreneurs should build whererever they're strongest -- resonated with me immediately, much like the “NDCQ” mantra had all those years ago. The Drive team sees that our entire country is full of amazing innovators at the forefront of a wide range of technology frontiers."

I love to meet with entrepreneurs who are passionate about their ideas, and I love that I get to be in a position to help fuel innovators changing the world. If you love a challenge and you have an idea that you’d never quit on, please reach out. Let’s see what we can do together.