Cathy McDonough

Administrative Receptionist

Traditions are overrated.

Growing up in the Detroit area, I always had aspirations to be a part of change within the Midwest. I saw a city and its residents go through significant pains due to the 2008 Great Recession. Although I didn't know how, I knew I wanted to play a part in evolving the region that I call home.

After graduating from Ohio State, I spent five years working at Abercrombie & Fitch during some of the most challenging times for the company. I had a front-row seat in learning what it takes to (re)build a brand, but it left me wanting to build something of my own. When I asked myself the question, Where do I want to see myself in five years?”, my immediate response was "not here". 

Shortly after my realization, I quit my job, started at Drive, and registered my new apparel company, fangirl. I knew the retail space well, but I needed exposure to people with experience building companies. Yes, it's nontraditional to work both roles, but traditions take a back seat in entrepreneurship and at Drive Capital.

At Drive, I have found such a passion for helping other people build their dreams while working on my own. You can't help but feel a sense of motivation surrounded by a group of ambitious people with larger-than-life vision. Five years from now, I firmly believe we will be looking at a fundamentally different Midwest because of Drive Capital and a successful startup story of my own.