Levi Boulis

Software Engineer

I want to use my technical skills in a creative way.

So many choices left me wandering aimlessly after high school. During my senior year, while everyone was applying to colleges and taking steps toward their dreams, I was stuck on the classic question, "What do I want to do with the rest of my life?".

Engineering sounded like a good fit, but so did more creative pursuits, like the visual arts. I was interested in Psychiatry, and Physical Therapy wasn't off the table either! I simply had too many interests. It was impossible to pick one and start down a single path, so graduation day came and I was still unsure of the direction I wanted to take.

Without college to look forward to -- and no real goals in mind -- I worked a variety of jobs. I tried a concrete factory, art supply store, car parts manufacturer, and even did a stint as a mailman. Each job left me bored. I needed something to challenge me.

A family friend noticed my situation and suggested I try something I had never even considered -- software development. Soon after I logged in to a free coding course without much expectation. It sounded tedious and not very interesting, but after the first several lessons I was hooked. Everything made sense. It was nowhere near as confusing I had expected. It just clicked!

It took a year of learning with small projects before someone took a chance on me having no formal education in the field. From there I kept working and learning. When I’d come home from the office I'd find myself booting up my computer to code some more. There was an endless amount of things to make and puzzles to solve.

Now I'm at Drive Capital. Just like when I first started programming, I didn’t know what to expect. Fortunately -- and also like coding -- I couldn't be more pleasantly surprised. Seeing my team and founders all over the country solving problems and pushing forward inspires me to do the same.