Zunaira Arshad


During my first year of college, I met a medical student who was traveling to the border of Syria to provide medical aid to refugees. Curious, maybe to the point of recklessness, I convinced him to let me tag along on his next trip to Kilis, Turkey. That trip changed the course of my life. 

In Turkey, I met another man. We’ll call him Ahmed. Ahmed lost all four of his limbs during a barrel bomb attack. While the few doctors who remained in the region weren’t surgeons, they still performed various surgeries to save Ahmed’s life. 

Video streaming apps allowed the doctors to receive instruction on how to complete difficult procedures, with guidance from surgeons thousands of miles away. As I started looking into the refugee experience and the challenges that arise from forced migration, I noticed many solutions were tech-enabled. 

The idea that technology can improve the quality of life for populations around the world is one that stuck with me. I continued my deep dive in the world of medical technology by researching electronic medical records and eventually joined a startup trying to build an EMR system on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Learning about blockchain technology and the power of Web 3.0 fueled my interest in technological solutions addressing real-world problems. Problems like data ownership, borderless payments, and compliance. This love for learning about emerging technology is what ultimately motivated me to join Drive.

Drive is committed to identifying large-scale solutions to real-world problems built by inspiring founders. I’m excited to keep searching for ways to improve the world with a team that is committed to exploration and problem-solving.