Sebastian Thrun

"In an ever-evolving technology landscape, we strive to make the most job-relevant education accessible to all."

Kurt Brenkus & Matt Frohliger

"We're trying to shift a trillion dollars in healthcare spend from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement. This will be the disruptive force that will forever change the health care landscape."

Dan Dykes, Alex Frommeyer & Alex Curry

"We want to be the first piece of technology you use in the morning, and the last you use at night... Dramatically improving health in the process."

Andy Walker

"Data can be a problem or an opportunity. We help manufacturers and retailers follow the data to its logical conclusion – a business action that increases profitability."

Kerry Frank

"We are building a billion dollar software company and solving big business problems. What I love about Drive is that they have the same passion and excitement that we do."

Sean Lane & Brad Mascho

"The healthcare industry has an identity crisis, between duplicate medical records, medical identity theft, and patient identification errors. And it’s costing billions of dollars and thousands of lives each year."

Jesse Vollmar & Brad Koch

"Agriculture really boils down to a science. It’s agronomy. And it can be optimized by applying data science."

Tracy Simmons & Clay Collins

"We're fueling economic growth by conversion-enabling the world's 'brochureware' websites."

Robb Myer & Ware Sykes

"We give back the most important thing in peoples’ lives - their time."

James Fisher, John Lauck & Tatiana Parent

"Roadtrippers is building navigation for the things you want to find, rather than avoid. When you get in your car to do something fun, Roadtrippers will be the app to help you."


We founded Drive Capital because the Midwest is the best place in the world to build a business.

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