Drew Wadkowski


Born and raised in Columbus, I bear a different perspective than a lot of the Drive Team. I’ve been visiting the Short North -- the fun neighborhood where our office is located -- since high school. I’ve watched our city take numerous industries by storm, and I recently celebrated my graduation in Ohio Stadium with 12,000 of my closest friends. There are countless familiarities to me here, but I’ve learned there’s always something unknown to experience.

My background is in retail, which I initially entered into because the hours were conducive to working while I was a full-time student. I found myself fueled by the fast-paced environment and the close relationships I developed with my teammates.

After a few years, my ambition and goals were outpacing what the industry could offer, and I realized retail was not the long-term answer for me. By the time of my graduation, I knew I had to set my sights higher and take a leap of faith into a different industry -- one that highlighted my strengths and had infinite opportunity. Venture Capital, and Drive, was just that.

Working a full-time job while also managing the responsibilities of a full-time student can either break you or shape you. While in the midst of it – I was unable to always see the light at the end of the tunnel. But I now recognize how that experience has molded me into a resilient, capable person ready to tackle my next big adventure here at Drive.