Masha Khusid


Risk taking runs deep in my family. You can find evidence by looking at my parents’ decision to leave Russia shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. They saw an opportunity in the upheaval, and they took a chance for themselves and their two young children. They would leave behind years of education, the careers they had built, and many family members they loved.

The immigrant story is a common one here in the USA, especially here in Columbus. I’ve always found it fascinating how similar themes and values run through most, if not all, immigrant families. Success for yourself and those around you comes through a combination of very hard work and a healthy appetite for risk (much like entrepreneurs!).

Diligence balanced with optimism became a guiding principle for my choices as an adult. I worked hard for my Accounting degree but was reminded to dream big in my Art History courses. I moved to the west coast for my first job in investment banking, but then took a 6-month sabbatical to explore South America. And after catching the startup bug at a venture-backed fintech company, I found my way back to the midwest and joined a Chicago-based venture firm. I was delighted to find that early stage investing is the perfect environment for taking thoughtful risks!

And now, Drive Capital. Have you ever felt like an opportunity was perfect for you? For me, that was discovering Drive. The chance to work on a team of individuals with strong conviction and enormous goals is the inevitable culmination of all my prior choices. And while it’s admittedly still early, the data signals say we’re on to something big. It’s as if all the decisions I had made -- and my parents had made -- came together for me to Be Here Now.