Katie Grady


My alarm used to go off at 3:45 a.m. to begin my day at the coffee shop down the road. I moonlighted as a barista because it’s one of the places where I'm my happiest. I enjoyed creating a calm and supportive space for people and providing a kind and genuine interaction in one of the first moments of their day.

Working behind the scenes to create memorable experiences has been the common thread in my career. After graduating from Miami University, I joined a consulting firm in Chicago where I supported a sales and account management team. I realized that organizing our territory and strategizing our outreach to help our team reach our goals "sparked joy” for me. Connecting with our members to ensure our product was supporting their initiatives brought me genuine satisfaction.

In 2013, I landed what was then my dream job. I returned to Miami University's Luxembourg campus, where I studied abroad as a student, to be the Events and Travel Coordinator. In Luxembourg, not one day felt like work. I organized day trips and week-long travel itineraries. I helped students acclimate to their new European surroundings and supported them as they hit road bumps. Knowing that students would be leaving their 4-months on our campus with life-changing experiences made every working hour enjoyable.

Once my 2-year appointment concluded, I carried on my travel adventures to Denver and became the Conference Manager of the University of Colorado Boulder’s Conference on World Affairs. I found fulfillment in tracking the event logistics and building itineraries for our speakers and volunteers to bring the event to life. Providing students, community members, and speakers with the opportunity to get together and learn from one another felt incredible. 

In 2020, I traveled to Cleveland for a quick visit home but ended up staying the year due to COVID. At that time, I remembered how much I loved Ohio and decided it was time to return. Joining Drive Capital in 2021, I’m excited for a new opportunity to create memorable experiences. I'm excited to support our investors and our mid-western entrepreneurs. I’m excited to provide an atmosphere where ideas feel welcomed and plans supported. And, as always, you can find me in the Drive office bright and early preparing those first pots of coffee to start the day.