Kayce Thompson

Kayce Thompson

As a kid in the early nineties and growing up in the suburbs of Columbus, I "founded" my first business. My best friend and I took the traditional lemonade stand to new heights one summer, selling friendship bracelets and puffy-painted t-shirts to kind and fashion-forward passers-by in our neighborhood. We made $87 profit and donated it all to the Columbus Humane Society -- garnering the attention from the local newspaper and TV station for our hard work and mission-driven summer venture.

Unfortunately, the business shuttered, and as our fame and childhood faded away, I set my sights on leaving Columbus with plans to never return. They say that if you can see it, you can be it. At the time, I wasn’t “seeing” what I wanted to “be” in my hometown.  

Fast forward 20 years, over 10 moves across 5 states, and many life-lessons later, I could not be more excited to find myself back in my hometown working for Drive Capital.

Despite my wanderlust and years away, I always kept tabs on Columbus. I would find myself driving down High Street in awe every time I came back for a visit, so proud to see my city growing up and exploding with opportunity. 

Drive is fueling so much of that growth and opportunity, not just in Columbus, but across the Driveway region. I am honored to be a part of this new chapter for both the region and for me.