Kelsey Perkins


When I was a child, I remember dreaming of attending The Ohio State University. I remember the feeling of opening my acceptance letter like it was yesterday. Growing up in a small town, I quickly fell in love with the buzz of Columbus. At OSU I studied psychology with a focus on children and pursued a career in childcare immediately following graduation.

I never imagined how much I would love caring for children, but I enjoyed the crazy routine that I experienced each day. Gaining a child and family's trust is a daunting task, but I found it so rewarding. The skills I gained through leading a classroom led me to search for different ways to support more people. I eventually switched gears and became a school director and led a teaching and administrative team through the unpredictability of the childcare industry. I learned not to sweat the small things and to prioritize those things that were most important. It felt great to be able to use my knowledge of teaching to support my team in doing their absolute best.

After years of working in the childcare field, I was ready to take on new challenges and expand my knowledge. Before I knew it, I had an opportunity presented to me at the craziest time in my life. My family had recently built a home and we brought a baby girl into the world just a few months prior. Though life already felt a little crazier than normal, I knew this felt right and I had to go for it.

At Drive Capital, I am able to utilize my administrative and compassionate caregiver skills to keep things running smoothly. I still get to experience silliness at work and I've found that adults take their snack choices just as seriously as children do. I love working with a team that is focused on always driving forward.